Home First Aid Kits
Guardtech Home First Aid Kits are the frontline in home emergency readiness. From minor injuries to severe medical situations, our kits, replete with top-quality medical supplies and easy-to-follow instructions, empower you to take quick action.

Each kit caters to the unique needs of a household, whether you’re a bustling family, a couple, or living alone. We ensure an extensive range of items in our kits including bandages, dressings, CPR face shield, antiseptic wipes, and much more, promising quality care in critical times. Choose Guardtech, your safety is our priority.


Household First Aid Kits

Large Premium First Aid Kit

(302) $40.95 incl GST
(14) $24.95 incl GST
(10) $24.95 incl GST
(2) $23.95 incl GST
$19.95 incl GST