Portable Fire Equipment

Browse our comprehensive range of Portable Fire Equipment, crafted to ensure superior protection on-the-go. From robust fire extinguishers and life-saving fire blankets to advanced alarms and detectors, our products are designed with user-friendly features for maximum reliability and convenience. Complying with NZ safety standards, our selection offers quality, durability, and unbeatable value, securing your peace of mind in all situations.

Guardtech is the ultimate destination for all your fire safety needs. With our portable fire equipment, you’re investing not just in products, but in unparalleled safety and preparedness. Don’t compromise on protection; equip yourself with Guardtech’s superior Portable Fire Equipment today.


(43) $49.95 incl GST
(17) $169.95 incl GST
(20) $109.95 incl GST
(16) $96.95 incl GST
(13) $12.95 incl GST
(10) $69.95 incl GST
(7) $204.95 incl GST
(10) $214.95 incl GST

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Range

6KG Hose ABE Powder Portable Fire Extinguisher

(5) $179.95 incl GST
(3) $212.95 incl GST