Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Explore our comprehensive range of Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers, the ultimate safety solution for commercial kitchens. Proven to combat tricky and dangerous cooking oil fires, our extinguishers offer prompt, effective, and residue-free action. Their unique, easy-to-use design ensures a safe environment for your culinary masters. Let our Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers be your first line of defense against deep fat fryer disasters.

With cutting-edge technology and easy-to-follow instructions, our Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers ensure swift fire knockdown, rapid cooling, and a secure fire blanket over the burning oil. Gain peace of mind knowing you’re equipped with this reliable life-saving device, meticulously designed for optimal performance and longevity. Prioritize safety and quality, choose from our range of Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers.

Wet Chemical Extinguisher Fire Classes

Class A – Paper, textiles, wood, most plastics & rubber
Class F – Cooking oils or fats

Using a reactive substance, these extinguishers engage with ignited cooking oil or fat, triggering a frothy blanket-like coverage over the fuel’s surface. This action halts the fire’s access to air and curtails the escape of flammable vapours, swiftly suffocating and extinguishing the fire.

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