Stay safe and visible in any work environment with our high-quality hi vis jackets. Designed to meet the highest safety standards, our jackets provide the ultimate protection while ensuring maximum comfort and style.

Why choose our hi vis jackets?

Unmatched visibility: Our jackets feature high-visibility colors and reflective strips, making you easily noticeable even in low-light conditions.
Durable and reliable: Crafted from premium materials, our jackets are built to withstand the toughest work conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Comfortable fit: We understand the importance of comfort during long work hours. Our jackets are designed with ergonomic features and adjustable fittings to provide a comfortable and customized fit.
Weatherproof: Don’t let the weather hinder your productivity. Our jackets are weatherproof, keeping you dry and protected from rain, wind, and other elements.
Functional design: Our jackets are equipped with multiple pockets and compartments, allowing you to conveniently store and access your tools and essentials.

At Guardtech, we prioritize your safety and well-being. Our hi vis jackets are compliant with New Zealand safety regulations, ensuring you meet workplace requirements. Whether you work in construction, road maintenance, or any other industry that demands high visibility, our jackets are the perfect choice to keep you safe and visible.

Invest in your safety today and choose Guardtech hi vis jackets. Browse our wide range of options and find the perfect jacket that suits your needs and preferences.