Coated Gloves

Guardtech offers a wide range of high-quality coated gloves designed to provide superior protection and comfort in various work environments. Our coated gloves are specially engineered to enhance grip, dexterity, and durability, ensuring optimal performance and safety for workers in New Zealand.

Why choose Guardtech coated gloves?

Unmatched Protection: Our coated gloves are constructed with premium materials that offer excellent resistance against abrasions, cuts, punctures, and chemicals. They provide a reliable barrier to keep hands safe from potential hazards.
Enhanced Grip: The advanced coating technology used in our gloves provides exceptional grip, even in wet or oily conditions. This feature allows workers to maintain control and precision, reducing the risk of accidents and improving productivity.
Superior Comfort: We understand the importance of comfort during long hours of work. Our coated gloves are designed with ergonomic features, such as seamless liners and flexible materials, ensuring a snug fit and maximum comfort for extended wear.
Diverse Applications: Our coated gloves are suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, including construction, manufacturing, automotive, warehousing, and more. They are versatile enough to handle various tasks while providing the necessary protection.
Long-lasting Durability: Guardtech coated gloves are built to withstand the rigors of demanding work environments. They are engineered to be highly durable, ensuring long-lasting performance and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

At Guardtech, we prioritize safety and quality. Our coated gloves undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards and regulations. With our commitment to excellence, you can trust Guardtech to provide the best-coated gloves for your workforce.

Experience the difference with Guardtech coated gloves. Browse our extensive selection and find the perfect gloves to meet your specific needs.