Assembled Cages for Gas Cylinder Storage

Guardtech offers a wide range of assembled cages designed specifically for the safe storage of gas cylinders. Our gas cylinder cages are built with the highest quality materials and adhere to the strictest safety standards, ensuring the protection of both your employees and your valuable assets.

Why choose Guardtech’s gas cylinder cages?

Superior Construction: Our cages are constructed using heavy-duty steel, providing maximum durability and resistance to impact.
Secure Storage: With reinforced doors and lockable mechanisms, our cages offer secure storage for your gas cylinders, preventing unauthorized access and potential theft.
Optimal Ventilation: Our cages are designed with proper ventilation to ensure the safe dispersal of any gas leaks or fumes, reducing the risk of accidents.
Easy Accessibility: The cages feature hinged doors and removable panels, allowing for easy access during cylinder handling and maintenance.
Customizable Options: We understand that every business has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customizable options, including size variations and additional security features, to meet your specific needs.

By choosing Guardtech’s gas cylinder cages, you are investing in the safety and security of your workplace. Our cages not only comply with industry regulations but also provide peace of mind, knowing that your gas cylinders are stored in a secure and controlled environment.

Don’t compromise on safety. Trust Guardtech for all your gas cylinder storage needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find the perfect solution for your business.