Icy Poles

When it comes to refreshing and hydrating solutions in the workplace, nothing beats the convenience and enjoyment of Icy Poles. These frozen treats are not just a delightful way to cool down during hot summer days, but they also serve as an effective tool for maintaining hydration levels, especially in high-temperature work environments.

Our range of Icy Poles are designed with the needs of the modern workforce in mind. They are:

  • Easy to Store: Our Icy Poles can be conveniently stored in any standard freezer, making them a practical choice for workplaces of all sizes.
  • Hydrating: Each Icy Pole is packed with essential electrolytes, helping to replenish lost fluids and keep your team hydrated.
  • Delicious: Available in a variety of flavours, our Icy Poles are a hit among employees, making hydration an enjoyable task.
  • Safe: Made with high-quality ingredients, our Icy Poles are safe for consumption and comply with all food safety regulations.

Investing in Icy Poles for your workplace is a smart move towards ensuring the health and safety of your team. Not only do they provide a quick and easy way to cool down and rehydrate, but they also contribute to a positive work environment by offering a refreshing break from the heat.

Choose our Icy Poles for a simple, effective, and enjoyable solution to workplace hydration. Experience the difference today!


Icy Poles - Ultimate Hydration Solution for NZ Workplaces

Flavour-Packed Icy Poles Mix

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