Electrical Workers First Aid Kit

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Electrical Workers First Aid Kit – Safeguard Your Team with Guardtech

Equip your team with the Electrical Workers First Aid Kit – a critical companion for professionals in the electrical field. This meticulously assembled kit contains a range of supplies curated specifically to handle workplace incidents common in the electrical industry.

Your Complete Safety Solution

Our Electrical Workers First Aid Kit is more than just a collection of supplies. It’s a complete safety solution tailored to the unique risks electrical workers face every day. From treating minor cuts and abrasions to responding to major incidents, this kit has you covered.

Always Prepared, Anywhere You Go

Engineered to be compact and portable, our First Aid Kit is designed to be a constant companion, whether you’re on a service call, in the shop, or at a construction site. Keep one in your work vehicle, at your workstation, or carry it with you, so you’re always ready to respond.

Quality You Can Trust

When it comes to workplace safety, compromise isn’t an option. That’s why our Electrical Workers First Aid Kit only includes professional-grade, reliable medical supplies. Trust in our commitment to quality and protect your most valuable resource—your workforce.

Trustworthy First Aid for Electrical Industry

Ideal for electrical contractors and their team working in high-risk environments. This comprehensive first aid kit includes treatment for major and minor burns, electric shocks. Designed as a robust soft case that is perfect for keeping onboard your vehicle or for carrying to an emergency situation.

Key Features:

  • 1x Large Carry Bag with Handles
  • 1x First Aid Tips
  • 1x Aids/Hepatitis Warning Label
  • 1x Notepad
  • 1x Pencil
  • 1x Antiseptic Spray
  • 1x Alcohol Prep Pads (Pk10)
  • 1x Antiseptic Wipes (Pk10)
  • 2x Burn Dressing 5cm x 15cm
  • 6x Burn Dressing 10cm x 10cm
  • 1x Burn Dressing 30 x 40
  • 1x Burn Dressing 20 x 45
  • 5x Burn Gel Sachet
  • 1x Ice Pack Large
  • 10x Sterile Gloves
  • 1x Tweezers Sharp Point 13cm
  • 1x Stainless Steel Nursing Scissors
  • 1x Rescue Scissors 15cm
  • 2x Splinter Probs (Pk5)
  • 5x Non Adherent Dressing 5×7.5cm
  • 5x Non Adherent Dressing 7.5x10cm
  • 3x Open Weave Bandage 7.5cm
  • 3x Open Weave Bandage 10cm
  • 1x Skin Closure Strips 5’s
  • 1x Wound Dressing No 13
  • 1x Wound Dressing No 14
  • 1x Wound Dressing No 15
  • 1x Combine Dressing 20 x10cm
  • 1x Crepe Bandage 10cm
  • 1x Clean Up Bag
  • 2x Eye Pad (Pk2)
  • Saline Ampoules 240ml
  • 1x Paper Tape 25mm (Dispensing Spool)
  • 2x Triangle Bandages 110 x 110cm
  • 1x Povidone Wipes (Pk10)
  • 1x Safety Pins (Pk10)
  • 2x CPR Resuscitation Mask
  • 20x Gauze Swabs 2’s 7.5cm x 7.5cm
  • 20x Fabric Plasters
  • 10x Clear Plastic Plasters
  • 1x Dressing Strip 1m x 7.5cm
  • 12x Blue Detectable Plasters

Guardtech is your trusted partner in workplace safety. Contact us at 0800 101 909 or sales@guardtech.co.nz to inquire and place your order online. Safeguard your team with the Electrical Workers First Aid Kit today!

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