Large Catering First Aid Kit – Soft Pack for Larger Food Businesses

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Large Catering First Aid Kit – Soft Pack: Your Essential Safety Partner

Introducing the Large Catering First Aid Kit in a soft pack, designed specifically for medium food businesses such as cafeterias, restaurants, and catering businesses. Our first aid kit meets the Department of Labour Guidelines, ensuring you comply with safety standards.

Comprehensive Safety Solution for Food Businesses

When it comes to the safety of your food business, you need a first aid kit that covers all your needs. The Large Catering First Aid Kit is specially designed to provide a comprehensive solution for busy food environments. With a wide range of high-quality medical supplies, this kit ensures that you are always prepared for any emergency.

  • 1 x 3M Steri-Strip Elastic Skin Closures 3mm x 75mm 5 strips per envelope E4540- Box 50
  • 2 x Adhesive Island Dressings 6cm x 10cm
  • 3 x Adhesive Island Dressings 6cm x 7cm
  • 1 x Adhesive Multi-pore Tape Roll 13mm x 5m
  • 10 x Aeroplast Detectable Fingertip Shaped Plasters 4.5cm x 7.5 cm – Box 25
  • 10 x Aeroplast Detectable Food Grade Knuckle Shaped Plasters – Box 40
  • 50 x Aeroplast Metal Detectable Plasters 2.5cm x 7.5cm – Box 100
  • 2 x Blue Cohesive Bandage 2.5cm
  • 1 x Blue Cohesive Bandage 5cm
  • 10 x Burn Sachet
  • 2 x Cleanup Bag
  • 1 x Combined/Abdominal absorbent pad 23cm x 12.5cm
  • 2 x Conforming Bandage Rolls 6cm x 400cm
  • 2 x Conforming Bandage Rolls 8cm x 400cm
  • 1 x CPR Resuscitation shield with valve
  • 2 x Dressings 20cm x 30cm
  • 2 x Eye Pad 5.5cm x 7.5cm
  • 1 x First Aid Guide
  • 2 x Gel Burn Dressing 10cm x 10cm
  • 1 x Hepatitis Warning Label
  • 1 x HSE Large Wound Dressing
  • 1 x HSE Medium Wound Dressing
  • 1 x Long adhesive strip 6cm x 20cm
  • 4 x Pairs large PVC safety gloves
  • 1 x Platinum Blue Dressing Strip Metal Detectable 7.5cm x 1 Meter
  • 1 x Platinum Splinter Probes – 1 Sheet of 5 Probes
  • 10 x safety pins
  • 5 x Saline 15ml
  • 4 x Saline Cleansing Wipes 20cm x 19cm
  • 1 x Scissors 15cm
  • 4 x Semi-permeable Dressings 6cm x 7cm
  • 4 x Soap wipes 20cm x 19cm
  • 2 x Triangular Bandages 90cm x 90cm x 127cm
  • 1 x Tweezers (metal)
  • 1 x Zinc Oxide Tape

With the Large Catering First Aid Kit, you can be confident that you have all the necessary supplies to handle any situation. From adhesive dressings and bandages to burn sachets and resuscitation shields, this kit has it all. It even includes a comprehensive first aid guide to assist you in providing the best care possible.

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Don’t settle for mediocre first aid kits. Choose Guardtech and experience the difference. Contact us today at 0800 101 909 or email us at to place your order and ensure the safety of your food business.

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