1 Person Survival Kit – Ultimate NZ Emergency Companion

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1 Person Survival Kit: Your Ultimate NZ Emergency Ally

Stay ahead of the unexpected with Guardtech’s 1 Person Survival Kit, meticulously designed for the New Zealand terrain. This kit goes beyond standard survival solutions, surpassing Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management guidelines for unrivaled preparedness.

Comprehensive Nourishment and Hydration

Whether stranded or in a lockdown, this kit’s 3600-calorie ration bar sustains you, while the 10-litre water container and Aquatabs ensure up to 50 litres of safe drinking water. Never compromise on your nutritional needs in any crisis.

Essential Health and First Aid

Your wellbeing is paramount. Equipped with a 51-piece first aid kit, tackle health emergencies with confidence. Bandages, antiseptics, and more are at your fingertips, preparing you for any minor medical situation.

Protection Against the Elements

In extreme conditions, the included torch, thermal blanket, rain poncho, matches, and light stick are indispensable. Keep warm, dry, and visible to navigate through emergencies effortlessly.

Hygiene and Sanitation Sorted

Maintain cleanliness with wet wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer. The kit’s biohazard bag and tampons address personal sanitation needs, keeping you safe from germs and infections.

Survival Tools at Your Disposal

  • An AM/FM radio keeps you connected to crucial updates and alerts.
  • The paracord bracelet doubles as a high-tensile cord and fire starter.
  • Signal for help with the whistle, stay protected with safety gloves, and keep your spirits high with a notebook, pen, and playing cards.

Guardtech’s 1 Person Survival Kit is not just a product but a promise of safety, an assurance of quality, and a beacon of hope in challenging times. Be prepared, be proactive, and trust in Guardtech to provide peace of mind in any emergency.

Ready to secure your well-being? Get the essential survival companion designed for New Zealand’s unique conditions. For inquiries or to order your kit, contact Guardtech at 0800 101 909 or via email. Prioritize your safety today.

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We’re your local safety specialists. Trusted in NZ for quality First Aid, Fire Safety, and PPE Gear. Need help? Our team is here for you. Quick, expert advice is just a message away. Feel confident with Guardtech – your partner in safety. Call us on 0800 101 909.

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