3 Person Survival Kit: Essential for NZ Emergency Preparedness

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Guardtech 3-Person Survival Kit: Essential for NZ Emergency Preparedness

When it comes to emergency preparedness, there’s no room for compromise. Guardtech’s 3-Person Survival Kit is meticulously designed to address the unique conditions and requirements of New Zealand, surpassing the guidelines set by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management. With a steadfast commitment to preparedness, our survival kits provide individuals with the utmost confidence and peace of mind.

Be Prepared with the 3 Person Survival Kit

The 3 Person Survival Kit contains:

  • Carry option: 1 x water-resistant bag
  • Food and water:
    • 3 x 3600-calorie emergency ration bar (with/without)
    • 1 x 10-litre water container
    • 20 x Aquatabs (up to 100 litres of safe water)
  • Health and first aid: 1 x first aid kit (51 pieces)
  • Warmth, lighting, and shelter:
    • 1 x torch
    • 3 x thermal blankets
    • 3 x rain ponchos
    • 1 x matches pack
    • 1 x light stick
  • Hygiene and sanitation:
    • 2 x wet wipes packs
    • 3 x personal tissues pack
    • 2 x biohazard bags
    • 1 x tampons pack
    • 1 x hand sanitiser
  • Tools:
    • 1 x AM/FM radio
    • 1 x paracord bracelet (high-tensile cord and flint)
    • 1 x whistle
    • 1 x pair safety gloves
    • 1 x notebook and pen
    • 1 x playing cards

Stay Prepared with Guardtech’s Three-Person Three-Day Survival Pack

Introducing the Three-Person Three-Day Survival Pack. This thoughtfully curated pack is specifically designed to meet the essential requirements of three individuals during emergency situations. All the vital components necessary for survival are meticulously organised and neatly packed into a backpack, allowing for convenient carrying. The pack includes a wide range of items such as water purification tablets, comprehensive first aid supplies, essential warmth and lighting provisions, ample rations to sustain three people for three days, and much more. With this comprehensive survival pack, you can be fully equipped to face unexpected challenges and ensure the well-being of your group.

Don’t wait for a crisis to strike. Invest in Guardtech’s 3-Person Emergency Survival Kit today and be prepared for any emergency situation. For inquiries and to place your order, reach out to Guardtech at 0800 101 909 or sales@guardtech.co.nz. Don’t leave your safety and well-being to chance.

Guardtech - Your Local Safety Experts

We’re your local safety specialists. Trusted in NZ for quality First Aid, Fire Safety, and PPE Gear. Need help? Our team is here for you. Quick, expert advice is just a message away. Feel confident with Guardtech – your partner in safety. Call us on 0800 101 909.

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