Coastal Marine First Aid Kit – Platinum Edition for NZ Boaters

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Coastal Marine First Aid Kit – Platinum Edition: Your NZ Vessel’s Safety Companion

Embark on your maritime adventures with peace of mind, knowing you’re equipped with our Coastal Marine First Aid Kit – Platinum Edition. This boat first aid kit is a must-have for every NZ boater, ensuring safety on both small and medium-sized vessels.

Exceeding Maritime NZ Standards

Our offshore first aid essentials not only meet but exceed the ‘Part 50: Medical Stores’ requirements outlined by Maritime New Zealand. While additional pharmaceuticals/medicines may be required, this kit provides a solid foundation for your maritime medical needs.

Designed for the Sea

Encased in a durable, water-resistant plastic case, this Platinum marine first aid kit is designed to withstand the harsh sea conditions. It’s compact yet comprehensive, making it an ideal choice for day trips on the water.

Ready for Any Situation

From minor injuries to more complex medical situations, our Coastal boating safety kit has you covered. It’s not just a first aid kit; it’s a trusted companion ensuring your safety while you enjoy the beautiful NZ waters.

Don’t compromise on safety. Equip your vessel with our Coastal Marine First Aid Kit – Platinum Edition today and sail with confidence. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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