Platinum First Aid Kit: 105-Piece Medium Orange Wall Mount

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Platinum First Aid Kit: 105-Piece Medium Orange Wall Mount


Guardtech presents the Platinum First Aid Kit, a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of medium-sized workplaces and industries. With its 105 high-quality hospital-grade components, this kit ensures that you are well-prepared to handle injuries commonly found in the workplace and related environments. The durable ABS plastic case with internal compartments allows for orderly storage, while the wall mount bracket with tabs enables easy and quick removal in emergencies.


  • High absorbent dressings for traumatic wounds
  • Premium contents for higher risk and/or large industries
  • Quick recovery times for up to 5 – 10 staff
  • High specification components
  • Premium quality case for long-lasting durability
  • Medium orange color for easy visibility

Designed for Medium-Sized Workplaces

Guardtech understands the unique requirements of medium-sized workplaces, and the Platinum First Aid Kit is tailored to meet those needs. With its 105 pieces, this kit provides comprehensive coverage for up to 50 people, ensuring that you have the necessary supplies to handle any injuries that may occur. Whether it’s a minor cut or a more serious injury, you can trust the Platinum First Aid Kit to provide the right tools for the job.

Superior Quality for Peace of Mind

When it comes to first aid, quality matters. That’s why Guardtech has carefully selected high-quality hospital-grade components for the Platinum First Aid Kit. These components are designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability, giving you peace of mind knowing that you have the best tools at your disposal. With the Platinum First Aid Kit, you can be confident in your ability to provide effective care in any emergency situation.

Easy Access and Organization

The Platinum First Aid Kit is designed for convenience and efficiency. The durable ABS plastic case features internal compartments that allow for orderly storage of the components, making it easy to find what you need when you need it. The wall mount bracket with tabs ensures quick and easy removal in emergency situations, enabling you to respond swiftly to any injury. With the Platinum First Aid Kit, you can be prepared and organized, saving valuable time when every second counts.

Order Your Platinum First Aid Kit Today

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Ensure the safety of your workplace and the well-being of your employees with the Platinum First Aid Kit from Guardtech. With its comprehensive range of high-quality components and its focus on convenience and organization, this kit is the ultimate solution for medium-sized workplaces. Reach out to Guardtech today at 0800 101 909 or email us at to place your order and secure the peace of mind that comes with being prepared.

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