Bleeding Control Kit – Personal Bleed Kit for Extreme Situations

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Bleeding Control Kit – Personal Bleed Kit for Extreme Situations

Be prepared for any emergency with the Guardtech Emergency Personal Bleed Kit, a vital tool for high-risk environments. This kit is not just a product; it’s your frontline defense in extreme bleed situations, providing rapid and reliable bleeding control.

Top-Grade Components for Immediate Response

Our kit is meticulously assembled with premium components, ensuring you’re equipped for the most critical moments:

  • CELOX Z Fold Gauze: Experience the power of military-grade technology for swift blood clotting, crucial in time-sensitive emergencies.
  • CAT Tourniquet: A cornerstone of our kit, this tourniquet is user-friendly and effective, offering immediate bleeding control.
  • Israeli Bandage: This dual-action bandage provides both compression and wrapping capabilities, stabilizing wounds efficiently until professional help arrives.

Comprehensive Wound Care

Our kit goes beyond basic bleeding control, encompassing all aspects of wound management:

  • Combine Dressing: Versatile and absorbent, these dressings manage various wound sizes, promoting quicker healing.
  • Shears: Cut through obstacles with our included shears, ensuring quick and safe access to injuries.
  • Gloves: Prioritize safety and hygiene with our protective gloves, safeguarding against infections and contaminants.

Clear, Concise Instructions for Effective Use

Even in high-pressure scenarios, our 3-step instructions provide clarity and confidence, empowering those with minimal first aid experience to act decisively.

Don’t compromise on safety. The Guardtech Emergency Personal Bleed Kit is your essential companion in extreme situations. Whether you’re in forestry or any high-risk field, this kit is a must-have for proactive safety measures.

For personalized assistance in selecting the right safety gear, contact us at or call 0800 101 909. Your safety is our priority!

Remember, in emergencies, every second counts. Equip yourself with the Guardtech Emergency Personal Bleed Kit and be the difference between a close call and a saved life.

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