Roof Safety Harness Kit – Essential Basic Roofers Gear

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Essential Roof Safety Harness Kit – Your Ultimate Roofer’s Companion

Working at heights demands utmost safety. That’s why our Roof Safety Harness Kit is an essential tool for every roofer. This kit is engineered to offer maximum protection, giving you the confidence and security to work at any height.

Superior Safety Features

Included in our kit is the LINQ Essential harness H101, a top-tier safety harness that has undergone rigorous testing to meet AS/NZS 1891.1 standards. Its unique pebble weave webbing provides maximum grip, preventing any accidental buckle slippage. Additionally, it’s equipped with an exclusive Extended Length Energy Absorber (ELEA) that can safeguard workers and their tools up to a combined weight of 160kg.

Exceptional Shock Absorption

A standout feature of this roof safety harness kit is the 450mm Shock Pack. This component has been batch tested using a 100kg test weight from a 3.8m drop, reducing forces to under 4.5kN. This means that in the event of a fall, the shock pack will absorb the impact, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

User-Friendly and Easy to Inspect

Every component of this kit is designed with the user in mind. The harness features articulated chest and shoulder strap adjustment points, making it suitable for both male and female wearers. It also has a unique colour indicator – green for safely locked and red for not locked, making safety checks a breeze.

All-Inclusive Kit for Total Safety

Along with the harness and shock pack, this kit includes a 15M RKRG015SHK1 Rope kernmantle with a thimble eye & rope grab, an HSASE2515 Anchor Strap Endless 25mm – 1.5M, a KSGSA18 Screw Gate Karabiner, and a Kit Bag (HSKB710) for easy storage and transport. All components are made from durable Steel Alloy, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of any roofing job.

Reflective for Enhanced Visibility

Working at heights often means working in challenging conditions. That’s why our harness features retro-reflectivity built into the webbing, enhancing visibility and safety even in low light conditions.

Don’t compromise on safety when working at heights. Invest in our Roof Safety Harness Kit and ensure you’re protected every step of the way. Remember, safety isn’t just about following regulations – it’s about peace of mind. So why wait? Secure your safety today.

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