Self Retracting Lifeline – 10M Type 3 Loq-Bloq with Retrieval

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Self Retracting Lifeline – 10M Type 3 Loq-Bloq with Retrieval: Your Essential Safety Ally

In the realm of height safety, there’s no space for shortcuts. That’s why we’ve crafted the LINQ Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL) – a 10M Type 3 Loq-Bloq with Retrieval, built to endure the most challenging workplace conditions. This isn’t merely a piece of equipment; it’s your lifeline, your safety shield, your tranquility.

Constructed for Performance and Longevity

Our LINQ self retracting lifelines are not just a safety precaution; they’re a reflection of our dedication to excellence and innovation. Encased in a high-impact polymer, these SRLs are designed to withstand, offering dependable protection in even the most severe environments. But what’s power without adaptability? Our SRLs extend and retract on their own, enabling you to work within the recommended area as per the AS/NZS1891.3 Standard. No dangling wires, no hazardous surplus – just smooth operation.

Smart Design for Optimal Safety

Ever experienced a heart-pounding moment when you’ve slipped or tripped? With our self retracting lifeline, you can relax. The lifeline maintains tension, keeping your work area free of any risks. In case of a fall, a brake activates, halting the fall and minimizing the impact. It’s like having a protective angel on your shoulder, ready to catch you when you falter.

Dual Mode for Increased Functionality

Our SRL isn’t just a one-function wonder. Equipped with a locking pin, it offers Dual Mode functionality. In Block Mode, it acts as an independent fall arrestor, while Winch Mode enables easy retrieval or rescue of a worker. It’s like having two tools in one, saving you time, effort, and concern.

Extra Features for Your Peace of Mind

Our self retracting lifeline comes with a load indicator snap hook and a swivel anchorage eye, preventing unnecessary twisting of the rope while working or in case of a fall. With a retractable wire rope maximum length of 10M, it provides ample space for movement. Plus, it reduces impact forces to less than 6Kn and boasts a minimum breaking strength of over 12kN. It’s even Atex Certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres as per directive 94/9/EC. Now that’s what we call all-encompassing protection!

Choose the Best

Our LINQ Self Retracting Lifeline – 10M Type 3 Loq-Bloq with Retrieval adheres to standard EN360:2002 and EN 1496:2006 Class A, and has passed the corrosion test in accordance with ISO 9227:1990 – 24 hours. It’s accepted under clause AS/NZS 1891.3 section 1.6, and has a mass held rating at 136kg. For your safety, choose only the best. Choose LINQ.

Invest in your safety today. Opt for the LINQ Self Retracting Lifeline – 10M Type 3 Loq-Bloq with Retrieval. Because you deserve nothing less than the best.

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