Self Retracting 20M Type 3 Loq-Bloq With Retrieval Function

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  • The LINQ Self-retracting lifeline (SRL) with retrieval range is engineered for extreme workplace situations. The range has been developed to be durable and efficient.
  • LINQ self retracting lifelines (SRL’s) with retrieval range extend and retract automatically, allowing the user to operate within the recommended work area premitted by the AS/NZS1891.3 Standard.
  • The lifeline maintains tension which clears the work zone of any loose and dangerous excess wire. In the event of a fall, a brake activates, arresting the fall and reducing the impact of the fall.
  • The Dual Mode locking pin and handle allow for easy activation on the job, removing hassle and frustration.
  • High Impact polymer outer casing
  • Equipped with locking pin that enables SRL to have Dual Mode
  • Block Mode allows SRL to be used as an independent fall arrestor
  • Winch Mode enable easy retrieval/rescue of worker
  • Comes with load indicator snap hook and swivel anchorage eye
  • Retractable wire rope maximum length: 20M
  • Anchorage eye with swivel action prevents undue twisting of rope while working or in the event of a fall
  • Reduces impact forces to less that 6Kn
  • Minimum Breaking Strength > 12kN
  • Mass held rating at 136kg
  • Conforms to standard EN360:2002 and EN 1496:2006 Class A
  • Passed the corrosion test in accordance with ISO 9227:1990 – 24 hours
  • Accepted under clause AS/NZS 1891.3 section 1.6
  • Atex Certified for use in potentially explosive atmosphere as per directive 94/9/EC


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