Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet – Alarmed, Yellow Labelled, Weatherproof

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Ensure Your Lifesaver’s Safety with the Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet – Alarmed, Yellow Labelled, Weatherproof

For the protection of your life-saving equipment, our Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet is the ideal choice. Crafted with the harsh New Zealand weather in mind, this cabinet is more than just a storage box, it’s a fortress for your AED. It’s a beacon of safety, a yellow-labelled sentinel that stands guard over your defibrillator, ensuring it’s ready for action when needed.

Sturdy and Weatherproof

Built from 1.5mm cold roll steel, this defibrillator cabinet for outdoor use is as robust as it is reliable. It’s weatherproof, designed to withstand the elements, and keep your AED safe and dry. Whether it’s the scorching summer sun or the relentless winter rain, this cabinet is built to endure.

Visible and Easily Accessible

With its clear signage and glass window, this outdoor defibrillator cabinet is designed to guide rescuers through the rescue process. The AED is visible at all times, ensuring quick and easy access in an emergency. The signage is also weatherproof and long-lasting, made to endure the elements just like the cabinet itself.

Secure and Alarmed

Security is crucial when it comes to life-saving equipment. That’s why our cabinet features an alarm system. This ensures the security of your device, deterring potential thieves and alerting nearby individuals if the cabinet is accessed.

Water Resistant and Versatile

Water resistance is a key feature of this defibrillator cabinet outdoor model. It’s suitable for outdoor use, making it a popular choice for sports clubs, community groups, schools, and businesses. With dimensions of 48cm x 38cm x 24cm, it’s compact yet spacious enough to house your AED comfortably.

Invest in Safety

Investing in an Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet is investing in safety. It’s about ensuring that your AED is protected, accessible, and ready to save lives at a moment’s notice. So why wait? Secure your lifesaver today.

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