Defib Wall Cabinet Indoor – Alarmed for Secure AED Storage

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Ensure Your Lifesaver’s Safety: Alarmed Defib Wall Cabinet for Indoor Use

For the protection of your AED defibrillator, our alarmed Defib Wall Cabinet Indoor is the ultimate solution. Crafted for indoor use, this cabinet guarantees your defibrillator is always primed for action, while also keeping it secure and shielded.

Adaptable for Any Indoor Setting

Be it a bustling office, a busy worksite, or a community centre, our Defib Wall Cabinet Indoor is the perfect fit. It’s engineered to keep your defibrillator safe and secure, while also ensuring it’s readily accessible in case of an emergency. The cabinet’s compact design allows it to blend seamlessly into any indoor environment, without occupying too much space.

Equipped with Alarm for Enhanced Security

What distinguishes our defibrillator AED cabinet is its integrated alarm system. The instant the cabinet door is opened, the alarm is triggered, alerting everyone nearby. This not only discourages misuse but also ensures immediate attention during a crisis. The alarm can be conveniently turned on or off with a discrete switch located inside the cabinet, giving you complete control over its operation.

Compatibility and Power

Our Defib Wall Cabinet Indoor is designed to accommodate our entire range of defibrillators, making it a versatile choice for any setting. It operates on a 9V DC battery, ensuring the alarm system is always ready to function, even during power outages.

Conveniently Sized Dimensions

With external dimensions of 430mmH x 380mmW x 160mmD, and internal dimensions of 410mmH x 360mmW x 130mmD, our cabinet is compact yet spacious enough to house any defibrillator in our range. This ensures your AED is always secure, yet easily accessible when needed.

Invest in Safety Today

Don’t leave your defibrillator exposed to potential damage or misuse. Invest in our Defib Wall Cabinet Indoor today and ensure your life-saving equipment is always secure, accessible, and ready for action. Remember, a well-protected AED is an effective AED. Make the smart choice today.

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