Ankle Support with Strap for Enhanced Stability – OPP1003

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Strapped Ankle Support for Supreme Stability – OPP1003

Experience the perfect blend of flexibility and stability with our Strapped Ankle Support – OPP1003. This support is equipped with a surgical elastic strap that is fully removable, allowing adjustable compression and enhanced support for the ankle joint. Its open toe and heel design maintains a full range of motion while delivering robust protection.

This Strapped Ankle Support is ideal for alleviating pain caused by strains or stiffness, providing compression to weak or overstressed ankles, and is especially suitable for conditions like ankle sprains, ankle instability, and recurrent ankle sprain.

Key Features:

  • Removable surgical elastic strap for adjustable compression
  • Open toe and heel design that allows full range of movement
  • Provides relief from pain due to strains or stiffness
  • Delivers robust compression for weak or overstressed ankles

How To Wear:

  1. Loosen straps and insert foot into the support and position heel in the heel locking area.
  2. Secure the upper two hook closures snugly.
  3. Position the mid-section of the surgical elastic strap under the sole.
  4. Wrap one side of the elastic strap diagonally across the top of foot and upward around the ankle joint. Secure the hook closure on the side of the ankle support to desired compression.
  5. Repeat the above step to secure another side of the elastic strap.


  • Ankle sprain
  • Ankle instability
  • Recurrent ankle sprain
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