One Size Silicon Wrap-Ankle for Optimum Comfort – OPP2401

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Adjustable Silicon Wrap-Ankle for Optimal Comfort – OPP2401

Step into comfort and stability with our Adjustable Silicon Wrap-Ankle – OPP2401. This innovative ankle wrap provides localized support and compression, avoiding unnecessary pressure on areas where it’s not required, and ensuring your utmost comfort.

The tension of the wrap is completely adjustable, enabling a range from light support to total compression based on your needs. Made with cohesive fabric, it ensures no discomfort or irritation to your skin during use, making it comfortable to wear and easy to remove.

Key Features:

  • Provides localized support and compression
  • Fully adjustable tension, from light support to total compression
  • Cohesive fabric for maximum comfort and no skin irritation

How To Wear:

  1. Place wrap on foot with the silicone side facing your skin.
  2. Wrap one complete turn around the arch of the foot.
  3. Angle upward to wrap one complete turn around the lower ankle.
  4. Continue wrapping in a “figure eight” pattern.
  5. Secure the wrap by fastening the hook closure.


  • Weak Ankle
  • Ankle Fatigue

For the perfect fit, measure around the ankle joint.

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