Dictus Foot Support Shoeless – Effective Drop Foot Aid

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Dictus Foot Support Shoeless – Drop Foot Orthosis Solution

If you’re dealing with Drop Foot, the Dictus Foot Support Shoeless offers a practical and effective solution. This orthosis is designed to help you lift your foot after toe-off, making it easier to navigate everyday obstacles like doorsteps, carpets, and pavements.

Why Choose Dictus Foot Support Shoeless?

  • Innovative Design: Unlike traditional AFOs, the Dictus Band uses a spring action with a rubber band and hook, providing a natural foot movement and enabling activities like driving.
  • Comfort and Flexibility: The rubber band keeps the front of your foot in an upward position, ensuring a comfortable and natural stride.
  • Effective Support: Ideal for indoor use or when not wearing shoes, it supports your foot without the rigidity of standard braces.

Understanding Drop Foot

Drop Foot, or Foot Drop, is a neuromuscular disorder that hinders your ability to lift the front part of your foot. This condition can make walking challenging, often causing an exaggerated or high-stepping gait. The Dictus Band addresses this by helping to lift your foot immediately after toe-off.

How It Works

The Dictus Band’s unique spring action with a rubber band and hook mechanism provides a dynamic support system. As you step, the rubber band assists in raising your toes, offering a more natural and flexible movement compared to rigid AFOs.

Important Note

Note: To use the Dictus Foot Support Shoeless effectively, you need to have the Outdoor Dictus Band, which supports the ankle.

Say goodbye to the struggle of Drop Foot with the Dictus Foot Support Shoeless. Experience the freedom of movement and ease of walking that it brings. Order yours today and step confidently into your day!

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