Foot Support for Outdoors – Dictus Band

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Foot Support for Outdoors – Dictus Band

Walking becomes a real challenge for anyone dealing with drop foot. The inability to control the foot at the ankle leads to a floppy foot and dragging toes. People with drop foot often show an exaggerated or high-stepping walk. The Dictus Band provides a practical solution for those with drop foot, helping to lift the foot directly after toe-off, avoiding everyday obstacles like doorsteps, carpets, and pavements.

Innovative Design for Natural Movement

The Dictus Band stands out from traditional braces. Unlike rigid A.F.O. braces that keep the foot straight, the Dictus Band uses a spring action with a rubber band and hook. This design allows for a more natural foot movement, making it easier to perform activities that would be challenging with a standard brace, such as driving a car.

Key Features:

  • Spring Action: The rubber band helps keep the front of the foot in an upward position, aiding in toe lifting when the foot is on the ground.
  • Versatile Fit: Can be worn with any lace-up shoe or sneaker, and the rubber band can be positioned to control foot inversion or eversion.
  • Adjustable: The distance between the D-ring and the hooks on the shoelace holes determines the lifting ability of the rubber band.
  • Ambidextrous Design: Fits both left and right feet.

Enhanced Mobility and Comfort

The Dictus Band is designed to enhance mobility for those with drop foot. Its flexible design provides the support needed without restricting natural foot movements. This innovative approach makes daily activities more manageable and less painful.

Ready to Improve Your Walk?

Don’t let drop foot slow you down. The Dictus Band offers a comfortable and effective solution for outdoor foot support. Order your Dictus Band today and take the first step towards improved mobility and comfort!

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