Foot Support Spare Parts – Dictus Replacement Accessories

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Foot Support Spare Parts – Dictus Replacement Accessories

Reliable Foot Support Spare Parts for Your Dictus System

When your Dictus foot support system needs a little maintenance, having the right spare parts on hand is essential. These components ensure your support system continues to provide the comfort and reliability you rely on.

Mono Hook

Mono Hook: This piece slides into the tongue area of your shoe, sitting snugly beneath the laces with the hook coming through the laces. It’s designed to secure the latex rubber band to the Dictus band, helping manage drop foot effectively. Sold individually.

Durable Rubber Bands

Rubber Band: These bands are crafted for use with both indoor and outdoor Dictus bands. They are a must-have spare part for when your existing bands wear out. Keep a few on hand to ensure uninterrupted support. Sold individually.

Sturdy Spring Hooks

Spring Hooks: Designed for outdoor use with Dictus bands, these spring hooks thread through your shoe laces to attach latex rubber bands securely. They are sold as a pair to provide balanced support.

Why Choose Dictus Spare Parts?

  • High-Quality Materials: Built to last, ensuring your foot support system is always reliable.
  • Easy to Use: Simple installation and replacement keep your support system working seamlessly.
  • Comprehensive Support: Whether you’re replacing a mono hook, rubber band, or spring hooks, these parts maintain the effectiveness of your Dictus system.

Maintain Optimal Performance

Don’t let worn-out parts compromise your foot support. By keeping these spare parts on hand, you ensure that your Dictus system continues to provide the relief and support you need. Perfect for tradespeople, athletes, and anyone needing reliable foot support, these parts are essential for maintaining comfort and mobility.

Get Back on Your Feet

Ready to keep your Dictus foot support system in top condition? Order your foot support spare parts today and ensure you’re always ready to move with confidence and comfort.

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