Gel Heel Cups New Zealand – Tuli’s Classic Gel Heel Cups

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Gel Heel Cups New Zealand – Tuli’s Classic Gel Heel Cups

When it comes to comfort and support, Tuli’s Classic Gel Heel Cups are a game-changer. Made from a specially formulated polymer called TuliGel, these heel cups are lighter, softer, and more resilient than other options on the market. If you’re on your feet all day, whether you’re a tradesperson, laborer, or just someone who values comfort, these gel heel cups are designed with you in mind.

Why Choose Tuli’s Classic Gel Heel Cups?

These heel cups aren’t just another footcare product; they’re a solution to everyday discomfort. The unique characteristics of TuliGel combined with the patented waffle design provide the ultimate in shock and vibration absorption. Imagine walking on a cushion of air that absorbs every step’s impact, reducing stress on your heels and ankles.

Key Features

  • Specially Formulated Polymer: TuliGel is lighter, softer, and more resilient than other materials.
  • Patented Waffle Design: Provides superior shock and vibration absorption.
  • Everyday Use: Perfect for those who spend long hours on their feet.


What sets these gel heel cups apart is their ability to transform your daily routine. The TuliGel material ensures that each step you take is cushioned, reducing the risk of heel pain and fatigue. The patented waffle design acts like a spring, absorbing shock and distributing pressure evenly. This means less strain on your feet, making your workday more bearable.

Perfect for Tradespeople and Laborers

If you’re in a job that demands long hours on your feet, you know the toll it can take on your body. Tuli’s Classic Gel Heel Cups are designed to provide the support you need to get through the day. They’re not just for athletes or those with medical conditions; they’re for anyone who values comfort and support.


  • Material: TuliGel polymer
  • Design: Patented waffle design
  • Usage: Suitable for everyday use

Don’t let heel pain slow you down. Invest in Tuli’s Classic Gel Heel Cups and experience the difference. Your feet will thank you!