HG80 Knee Brace with Supportive Steel Springs and Patella Buttress MUE5411

$114.90 incl GST

Experience Unparalleled Knee Support with HG80 Knee Brace MUE5411

The HG80 Knee Brace MUE5411 is a meticulously engineered solution for anyone seeking significant knee support and comfort. This brace incorporates a unique combination of features, all working in harmony to enhance your knee stability and facilitate mobility.

The tibial containment system with a secondary shell and patella buttress provides unmatched support. Further stability is offered through supportive steel springs, ensuring your knee stays secure. Our upper and lower strapping system provides adjustability for a perfect fit. The brace is fabricated with our Mueller-exclusive HydraCinn fabric, which is not only extremely comfortable but also features a permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier. And for our sensitive customers, rest assured, our brace is completely latex-free.

  • Superior Support: Tibial containment system with secondary shell and patella buttress, coupled with supportive steel springs, ensure superior knee support.
  • Comfort: Our Mueller-exclusive HydraCinn fabric ensures your comfort is not compromised.
  • Antimicrobial: The fabric features a permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier, keeping your brace fresh and free from bacteria.
  • Allergy-Safe: Completely latex-free, designed keeping sensitive users in mind.

Embrace enhanced knee health and unrestricted mobility with the HG80 Knee Brace MUE5411. Experience the difference in support and comfort today!

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