HG80 Premium Knee Brace with Patella Support and Triaxial Hinge – MUE5901

$173.10 incl GST

Experience Unsurpassed Comfort and Support with the HG80 Premium Knee Brace MUE5901

Introducing the HG80 Premium Hinged Knee Brace MUE5901 – the epitome of comfort and functionality in knee support. Our cutting-edge brace is designed using the improved Mueller-exclusive HydraCinn fabric, a high-performance, moisture-wicking material that incorporates an anti-microbial barrier. It’s tailored for those with weak or injured knees, seeking exceptional comfort and superior support.

The brace’s defining feature is the Triaxial Hinge, unmatched in its simulation of the knee joint’s natural tracking. This innovative design has set a new standard for all hinged knee braces. It’s especially recommended for controlling subluxating patellas and relieving pain associated with Chondromalacia (irritated kneecap).

  • Triaxial Hinge: Mimics natural knee joint tracking, ensuring near-normal motion.
  • Superior Support: Tibial system with a secondary shell and patella buttress provide excellent support to your knee.
  • Comfort: Mueller-exclusive HydraCinn fabric ensures your comfort is not compromised.
  • Antimicrobial: The fabric has a permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier, keeping your brace hygienic.

With the HG80 Premium Hinged Knee Brace MUE5901, comfort meets functionality. Experience unparalleled knee support and elevate your daily mobility today!

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