HG80 Premium Knee Stabiliser: Slip-On Design with Supportive Steel Springs – MUE5921

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HG80 Premium Knee Stabiliser: Slip-On Design with Supportive Steel Springs – MUE5921

Introducing our HG80 Premium Knee Stabiliser – a perfect blend of extreme comfort and adjustable support. This high-performance brace is engineered to be the most comfortable knee stabilizer you will ever wear. Offering supportive steel springs on both sides of the knee, it allows for full leg flexion and extension. Experience unimpeded flexibility while getting the support you need.

  • Form-Fitting Hourglass Design: It contours perfectly to your knee, ensuring optimal fit and comfort.
  • Supportive Steel Springs: The steel springs offer enhanced lateral support, protecting your knee without compromising flexibility.
  • Universal Buttress: The unique buttress design surrounds the kneecap, improving patellar tracking and providing additional support.
  • High-Performance Fabric: The brace is made from an improved Mueller-exclusive HydraCinn fabric that wicks away moisture and includes an anti-microbial barrier.
  • Latex-Free: Ideal for those with latex allergies, it’s a safe choice for every user.
  • Convenient Mesh Carry Bag: Each brace comes in a mesh carry bag for easy transportation and storage.

This HG80 Premium Knee Stabiliser is specifically designed to help control subluxating patellas and provide support for stiff, sore, or unstable knees. Measure around the center of the knee (cm) to find your perfect fit.

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