Meniscus Knee Sleeve CRX

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Meniscus Knee Sleeve CRX: Customised Support for Meniscus & Post-Operative Care

Discover superior comfort and stability with the Meniscus Knee Sleeve CRX. This flat knitted knee brace is uniquely engineered for the treatment of post-operative swelling and meniscus-related issues. By expertly managing swelling and lending optimal joint support, it aids in enhancing your proprioception, paving the way for a quicker recovery.

  • Targeted Compression: The central part of the knee brace, exhibiting the highest compression, houses two viscoelastic pads on either side of the knee. These pads work to provide local compression and alleviate pressure over the area.
  • Pain Management: For patients suffering from pain either medially or laterally over the joint space, the brace offers local compression and support, aiding in effective pain management.
  • Added Support: Two spiral stays integrated into the design serve to provide additional compression and relief.

Measure your thigh circumference approximately 15cm up from the centre of the knee cap for the best fit.

Size Chart:

Size Knee Centre Standard Thigh PLUS Thigh
X-Small 27-29 cm 38-40 cm
Small 30-32 cm 41-43 cm
Medium 33-35 cm 44-47 cm 47-50 cm
Large 36-38 cm 47-50 cm 50-53 cm
X-Large 39-41 cm 50-53 cm 53-56 cm
XX-Large 42-44 cm 53-56 cm 56-59 cm
XXX-Large 44-46 cm 56-59 cm 59-62 cm
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