Premium C-Pad Knee Stabilizer with Bilateral Stays for Superior Support OPP2323

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Premium C-Pad Knee Stabilizer OPP2323: Superior Support for Your Knee

The Premium C-Pad Knee Stabilizer OPP2323 with Bilateral Stays is designed to provide superior knee support. It integrates a C-pad and reinforced straps for concentric pressure to maintain an ideal patella position. Featuring bilateral spiral stays, this stabilizer ensures protection against knee sprains by bolstering joint support and stability.


  • C-pad coupled with reinforced straps ensures proper patella positioning.
  • Bilateral spiral stays fortify joint support and stability to prevent knee sprains.
  • Elasticated zones provide freedom of movement with optimal coverage.
  • A 3D energizing pattern to stimulate sensory inputs, enhancing joint stabilization.
  • A comfortable edge design for a snug fit without excessive tightness.
  • Seamless design for enhanced comfort and compliance.
  • A height of 8.5″ ensures easy fitting and less movement restriction.

With these features, the Premium C-Pad Knee Stabilizer is ideal for dealing with muscle weakness around the medial knee, muscle tension around the lateral knee, and knee pain during movement. For the right fit, measure the circumference of the knee at the patella with the knee fully extended.

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