Premium Knee Brace with Anatomically Shaped Buttress and Alloy Coiled Springs for Patella Stabilisation MUE5524

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Premium Knee Brace MUE5524: Patella Stabilisation with Anatomically Shaped Buttress & Alloy Coiled Springs

Address knee issues like patellofemoral malalignment and patellar subluxation effectively with the Premium Knee Brace MUE5524. This brace, designed for patella stabilisation, assists in guiding the knee’s movement, reducing joint wear-and-tear and preventing unnatural knee motion caused by patella tracking issues.

Our Mueller Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace is notable for its anatomically shaped buttress, offering exceptional compression, support, and comfort around the knee.


  • Anatomically Shaped Buttress: Expertly shaped for enhanced fit, support, and stability. It also provides an added cushion for your knee.
  • Venting Window: Experience increased breathability behind your knee, improving overall comfort during use.
  • 360° Straps: Secure a comfortable fit that ensures the brace remains in place, allowing you to move with confidence.
  • Alloy Coiled Springs: Deliver firm support while allowing a full range of movement, giving you the best of both stability and mobility.

The Premium Knee Brace MUE5524 is your solution for improved knee health and movement.

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