Push Care Brace for Enhanced Knee Support

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Push Care Brace: For Superior Knee Support and Enhanced Mobility

The Push Care Knee Brace provides an optimal blend of compression and support around the knee joint, boosting the sense of stability and offering significant pain relief. It uniquely supports the patella, which further enhances joint stability and eases discomfort.

High-quality elastic materials combined with silicone applications on the brace’s inner surfaces assure a perfect fit, which also retains its position. Thus, users can confidently engage in more active movements, assured of the comfortable support the brace provides.


  • Individually Adjustable Pressure: Convenient fasteners allow for personal pressure adjustment.
  • Superior Material: Crafted from Sympress, a high-quality and comfortable material, offering a soft feel against the skin and keeping it dry with its microfiber technology.
  • Easy Application & Maintenance: The Push Care Knee Brace is simple to apply, can be washed without hassle, ensuring it’s always ready for use.

The Push Care Knee Brace is designed to help with various knee issues such as Osteoarthritis of the knee joint, Patellofemoral osteoarthritis, Retropatellar pain complaints, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, Patella instability, Rheumatoid complaints, and Residual functional instability.

Watch our sizing and instruction video for a perfect fit. We offer both left and right sizes for ultimate comfort and support.

Size Guide:

  • Size 1: 28-31cm
  • Size 2: 31-34cm
  • Size 3: 34-37cm
  • Size 4: 37-40cm
  • Size 5: 40-43cm

Choose the Push Care Knee Brace and take a step towards enhanced knee support and improved mobility.

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