Push Med Knee for Advanced Support and Comfort

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Push Med Knee Brace – Ultimate Comfort and Advanced Support

The Push Med Knee Brace is innovatively designed to offer substantial support to your knee joint in the medio-lateral direction. This unique construction with two non-axial leaf spring hinges effortlessly aligns with the natural rotation of your knee, ensuring unimpeded flexion and extension.

  • Anatomical Fit: The band construction ensures a perfect fit as the hinges remain snug to your joint. The silicone application further assists in maintaining the brace’s position, even during walking.
  • Invisible Comfort: The slim structure of the brace ensures it remains unnoticeable under your clothes. So, you can wear it all day without anyone noticing!
  • Quality Material: Crafted from Sympress, a top-quality material renowned for comfort. The use of microfibres on the inside offers a soft feel and keeps your skin dry, promoting ultimate comfort.
  • Easy Maintenance: The Push Med Knee Brace is user-friendly. It’s easy to apply, and washing it is a breeze. So, your brace always stays fresh and clean.


Available for both left and right knee. Measure the circumference of your knee to choose the perfect fit.

Size Circumference
1 28-31cm
2 31-34cm
3 34-37cm
4 37-41cm
5 41-45cm

Learn more about how the Push Med Knee Brace works by watching the video below:

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