Triaxial Hinge Knee Brace with Patella Buttress MUE2333

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Triaxial Hinge Knee Brace with Patella Buttress MUE2333: For Optimal Knee Joint Motion and Stability

Experience a superior level of knee support with our Triaxial Hinge Knee Brace with Patella Buttress MUE2333. This brace’s distinctive features, including a fitted slip-on design and a triaxial hinge, ensure near-normal motion while providing the necessary protection and stabilization for your knee joint.

  • Fitted Sleeve: This slip-on design ensures a secure fit and simple application.
  • Triaxial Hinge: Expertly tracks the knee joint to produce motion that is as close to normal as possible.
  • Opposing Straps: Strategically positioned front and back straps provide additional security and stability.
  • Patella Buttress: Specifically designed to stabilize and protect the kneecap, enhancing your overall comfort and peace of mind.

This knee brace is an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between mobility and robust support.

Size Chart

For an accurate fit, please measure around the center of your knee (in cm).

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