One Size Silicon Wrist Wrap OPP2481

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One Size Silicon Wrist Wrap OPP2481

Embrace comfort and support in your everyday life with the OPP2481 One Size Silicon Wrist Wrap. Its design focuses on providing targeted support and compression, avoiding unnecessary pressure where it’s not needed. Its fully adjustable tension allows for everything from light support to full compression, according to your needs.

Innovative Features:

  • Localized Support: This wrist wrap provides targeted support and compression, steering clear from areas that don’t require pressure.
  • Adjustable Tension: With the OPP2481, you are in control. Adjust the tension to offer anything from light support to complete compression.
  • Cohesive Fabric: Comfort is key with this wrist wrap. The fabric doesn’t cause pain or irritation when in use and is comfortable to wear and easy to remove.

Easy to Wear:

Place the wrap on your wrist, making sure the silicon side is touching your skin. Wrap it around your wrist as close to your hand as possible, apply firm but comfortable pressure, and secure the hook closure. The application is a breeze!


The OPP2481 is ideal for those experiencing wrist weakness or recovering from a wrist sprain. Measure around your wrist for the perfect fit.

Make the choice to support your wrist health with the versatile and comfortable OPP2481 Silicon Wrist Wrap.

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