Liquacel L & R Suprasorb Ag – Effective Exudate Management

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Liquacel L & R Suprasorb Ag: The Pinnacle of Wound Care Solutions

In the realm of effective wound management, the Liquacel L & R Suprasorb Ag stands out as a revolutionary product. This 10x10cm box of 10 dressings is engineered to offer superior exudate management, accelerating your wound healing process.

Excellence in Exudate Management

The Liquacel L & R Suprasorb Ag distinguishes itself with its unique ability to absorb exudate vertically. This feature enables it to transfer the exudate to the secondary dressing, drastically reducing the risk of maceration. Moreover, this product transforms into a gel upon contact with wound exudate, effectively encapsulating exudate, debris, and bacteria. This results in a cleaner wound and a quicker healing process.

Effortless Application and Removal

Struggling with cutting a dressing to fit a wound is a thing of the past with the Liquacel L & R Suprasorb Ag. When dry, it’s easy to cut, making application and packing a breeze. And when it’s time to change the dressing? No problem. Upon moistening, it can be removed in one piece, significantly reducing the risk of leaving dressing residue in the wound. Now, that’s what we call user-friendly!

Reliable Quality

In the world of wound care, you need a product you can rely on. The Liquacel L & R Suprasorb Ag is a trusted choice among healthcare professionals in New Zealand. Its superior exudate management and easy application and removal make it a preferred solution for effective wound care.

Master Your Wound Care Today

Don’t let wound care be a burden. With the Liquacel L & R Suprasorb Ag, you can master your wound care and ensure faster, more efficient healing. So why wait? Make the smart choice for your wound care today. Remember, a well-managed wound is a fast-healing wound.

Isn’t it time you discovered the Liquacel L & R Suprasorb Ag difference?

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