Digital TENS Machine NZ – AllCare Digi EMS for Muscle Stimulation

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Digital TENS Machine NZ – AllCare Digi EMS for Muscle Stimulation

When it comes to muscle stimulation, the AllCare Digi EMS is your go-to digital TENS machine in NZ. This top-notch device is like a personal trainer for your muscles, using advanced digital technology to deliver precise and efficient muscle stimulation. It’s as if you’ve got a mini gym in your pocket!

Imagine a device that can help re-educate and strengthen weak muscles, reduce muscle spasms, increase your range of motion, and stimulate circulation. That’s the AllCare Digi EMS for you. It’s like having a physiotherapist at your fingertips, ready to give your muscles the workout they need, whenever they need it.


What sets the AllCare Digi EMS apart from other TENS machines? Let’s dive into its unique features:

  • Adjustable frequency range: With a range of 1-150Hz, you can fine-tune the machine to your specific needs. It’s like having a custom workout plan for your muscles.
  • Adjustable pulse width: This feature allows you to control the intensity of the stimulation, giving you the power to decide how hard your muscles work.
  • Adjustable ramp up/ramp down times: You can set the pace of your muscle workout, ensuring a comfortable and effective session every time.
  • Adjustable interval (relaxation) time: This gives your muscles time to rest between workouts, just like a real gym session.
  • Treatment time up to 60 minutes: Whether you need a quick muscle boost or a full workout, the AllCare Digi EMS has got you covered.


But that’s not all. The AllCare Digi EMS comes with a range of accessories to enhance your muscle stimulation experience:

  • Carry Case: Take your personal muscle trainer wherever you go with the handy carry case.
  • AllCare Self Adhesive Electrodes: These ensure a secure and comfortable fit, making your muscle stimulation sessions a breeze.
  • Patient Leads: These allow for easy and efficient use of the machine, giving you more control over your muscle stimulation.
  • 9 volt Batteries: Power up your AllCare Digi EMS and get ready for a muscle workout like no other.
  • Operating Manual: This handy guide will walk you through the ins and outs of your new TENS machine, ensuring you get the most out of your muscle stimulation sessions.

So why wait? Give your muscles the workout they deserve with the AllCare Digi EMS, the best digital TENS machine in NZ. It’s time to take control of your muscle health and feel the difference for yourself. Ready to get started?

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