Obstetric TENS Machine – NeuroTrac for Labour Pain Relief

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NeuroTrac Obstetric TENS Machine: Your Ally in Labour Pain Relief

When it comes to labour pain relief, the NeuroTrac Obstetric TENS Machine is a game-changer. This compact, lightweight device is designed specifically for obstetrics, providing a safe and effective way to manage labour pain without any known side effects for mother or baby.

Designed for Ease of Use

With a digital dual channel and a dedicated labour pain programme, the NeuroTrac Obstetric TENS Machine is user-friendly and reliable. It comes with a remote boost switch, providing additional pain control during periods of intense pain. This is your secret weapon for labour, offering a level of control that’s hard to beat.

How it Works

The Obstetric TENS Machine uses four long skin electrodes placed near the spine. The stimulation intensity is adjusted until a mild tingling sensation is felt. It’s like having a personal masseuse, working to soothe your pain away. When a contraction is felt strongly, the mode is changed to high frequency stimulation. Once the contractions subside, it reverts back to low frequency burst mode stimulation. It’s a dance, and the NeuroTrac is your partner, moving in rhythm with your body’s needs.

Effective Pain Control

Clinical evidence suggests that the best pain relief is achieved when the stimulator is used from the onset of labour pain and for two to three hours after birth. If additional pain relief is needed, the Obstetric TENS unit can be complemented with smaller amounts of alternative analgesia. With this device, over 80% of births can experience effective pain control with no side effects. It’s like having a safety net, providing comfort and reassurance during one of life’s most challenging moments.

Technical Specifications

  • Dual channel: individually isolated circuits.
  • Amplitude: 0-80 mA into 500 Ohm load.
  • Type: Constant Current, maximum output voltage 180 Volts +10 / -30 Volts.
  • Waveform: Asymmetrical, rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC current.
  • Pulse width: 220μS [2% accuracy].
  • Pulse Rate: 90Hz (Continuous mode) [2% accuracy].
  • Mode: Continuous (Boost mode). Burst mode: Bursts of 9 pulses [200 μS] at 150 Hz, repeating twice every second (Rest mode).
  • Physical dimensions: 108 x 62 x 23 mm.
  • Weight: 0.09KG without battery, 0.14KG with battery.

With the NeuroTrac Obstetric TENS Machine, you’re not just buying a device, you’re investing in a smoother, more manageable labour experience. So why wait? Take control of your labour pain relief today with the NeuroTrac Obstetric TENS Machine.