External Fire Hose Reel Cabinet – Stainless Steel 13mm x 25m

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Ensure Safety with the External Fire Hose Reel Cabinet – Stainless Steel 13mm x 25m

In the realm of fire safety, compromise is not an option. This is why our External Fire Hose Reel Cabinet is engineered to offer maximum protection and peace of mind. Constructed from sturdy stainless steel, this fire hose reel cabinet is more than just a safety device, it’s a long-term investment in the security of your property.

Unparalleled Quality and Compliance

Our fire hose reel cabinet complies with AS/NZS 1221, ensuring it meets the most stringent safety standards. This is a reflection of our dedication to providing superior fire safety solutions that adhere to New Zealand’s rigorous regulations. The cabinet is fully equipped with a 13mm x 25m hose, reel, fittings, nameplate, and nozzle, offering a complete fire safety solution.

An Ideal Fit for Your Space

With practicality at its core, the cabinet seamlessly fits into a cut wall size of NZ4504 560mm (W) x 470mm (H) x 265mm (D) or AS/NZS 1211 560mm (W) x 675mm (H) x 270mm (D). This ensures a smooth integration into your existing infrastructure, making it a perfect choice for both commercial and residential properties.

Stainless Steel – The Preferred Material

Why choose stainless steel? The answer is simple. Stainless steel is known for its durability, resistance to corrosion, and longevity. These attributes make it the ideal material for an external fire hose reel cabinet that’s exposed to the elements. With this cabinet, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in a solution that will endure over time.

Prepared for Action

In the event of a fire, every moment is crucial. That’s why our fire hose reel cabinet is designed for quick and easy access. The intuitive design ensures that in an emergency, you can respond swiftly and effectively, potentially saving lives and property.

Invest in Safety Now

Don’t wait for a fire emergency to understand the importance of a reliable fire safety system. Invest in our External Fire Hose Reel Cabinet today and ensure your premises are prepared to handle any fire-related emergencies. Remember, it’s not just about meeting regulations; it’s about protecting your property and the people within it.

Are you ready to elevate your fire safety? Make the wise choice. Choose our External Fire Hose Reel Cabinet – Stainless Steel 13mm x 25m.

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