Flame Fighter Fire Extinguisher – 4.5kg Dry Powder with Free Bracket

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Flame Fighter Fire Extinguisher – 4.5kg Dry Powder with Complimentary Bracket

For your fire safety needs, trust in the Flame Fighter Fire Extinguisher. This 4.5kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher is a versatile, multi-purpose unit, designed to combat a variety of fire types. It’s an essential safety tool for your home, vehicle, boat, garage, or caravan. It’s more than just a fire extinguisher; it’s a protector of your safety.

Reasons to Opt for the Flame Fighter Fire Extinguisher

Combining a robust size with cost-effective pricing, this fire extinguisher offers an ideal balance of efficiency and affordability. It’s recommended for larger offices, shops, and vehicles such as trucks, buses, and larger boats. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s also a perfect choice for residential use, ensuring your home is prepared to handle unexpected fire emergencies.

What’s Included in the Package?

  • Wall bracket: For easy and secure installation.
  • Compliant maintenance tag: To monitor your extinguisher’s condition.
  • Discharge hose: For precise and controlled use.
  • Recent manufacture date: Stamped into the extinguisher for your peace of mind.
  • AS/NZS 1841:5 Standards compliance: Meeting all NZ legislation requirements.

Fire Classes Covered

This ABE Powder Type Fire Extinguisher is suitable for Class A, B, C, and E fires, covering everything from paper, textiles, wood, most plastics, and rubber, to flammable liquids, combustible gases, and electrically energised equipment. It’s a true all-rounder in fire safety.

Why Choose Dry Powder?

Dry powder fire extinguishers are safe, versatile, and recommended for high-risk environments or situations where fire hazards are mixed. They’re particularly suited to spillages of flammable liquids such as paint, LPG, petrol, and oil. It’s also suitable for live electrical equipment fires as well as normal combustibles like wood, plastic, rubber, paper, and textiles. However, it’s not suitable for fires involving cooking oil/fats.


With a 4.5kg agent capacity, this Flame Fighter Fire Extinguisher is powerful enough to handle a decent fire but not too large or heavy to be handled by most people. The extinguisher includes a hose which makes it easier to discharge to areas which are difficult to access. It’s manufactured by Flamefighter, using ABE Dry Powder, and comes with a wall hung bracket. The steel cylinder is powder coated red and requires a pressure test every 5 years. The dimensions are W145 X H560mm, with a discharge time of 20 seconds and a gross weight of 7.55kg. The cylinder pressure test is 2.5MPa, and it has a fire rating of 4A:60B:E.

Remember, fire safety is not just about having a fire extinguisher; it’s about having the right one. Choose the Flame Fighter Fire Extinguisher – your reliable partner in fire safety.


Attribute Details
Agent Capacity 4.5kg
Agent Manufacturer Flamefighter
Agent Type ABE Dry Powder
Approvals AS/NZS 1841.5
Bracket Wall
Cylinder Construction Steel
Cylinder Finish Powder Coated Red
Cylinder Pressure Test 5 Yearly
Dimensions W146 X H450mm
Discharge Time 24 Seconds
Gross Weight 7.36kg
Cylinder Pressure Test 2.8MPa
Fire Rating 10A:60B:E
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