Boat Fire Extinguisher Bracket – Heavy Duty for 2.5kg Dry Powder

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Boat Fire Extinguisher Bracket – Robust Design for 2.5kg Dry Powder

For fire safety on your vessel, a robust and reliable solution is paramount. Our Boat Fire Extinguisher Bracket is a sturdy lifesaver, specifically designed for 2.5kg dry powder extinguishers. It’s more than just a bracket; it’s a protector of your boat and its occupants.

Relentless Durability for Uncompromised Safety

Fabricated from powder-coated mild steel, this bracket serves as a stronghold for your fire extinguisher. It’s engineered to endure the toughest marine conditions, ensuring your extinguisher remains secure and ready for use. But durability doesn’t mean a lack of finesse. Our bracket incorporates built-in rubber buffers, strategically positioned to reduce damage to your extinguisher during turbulent seas or abrupt movements.

Stable, Yet Easily Accessible

Featuring two adjustable securing frames and an additional cable system for the extinguisher’s head, this bracket guarantees your fire extinguisher remains stable, even in the most challenging conditions. However, when the need arises, your extinguisher is readily accessible. It’s a perfect blend of stability and accessibility that’s hard to match.

Effortless Installation for Instant Protection

Mounting this bracket is a cinch, thanks to the fixing frame on the reverse side with strategically positioned holes. Securing your extinguisher and bracket becomes a simple task, allowing you to concentrate on what’s most important – enjoying your time on the water.


  • Powder-coated mild steel construction
  • Built-in rubber buffers for extinguisher protection
  • Adjustable securing mounts for extinguisher
  • Raised base plate for extinguisher foot security
  • Additional securing cables for extinguisher head

Whether you’re navigating the open seas or docked at the marina, our Boat Fire Extinguisher Bracket offers the peace of mind you need. It’s more than a bracket; it’s a pledge to safety. So why delay? Secure your fire extinguisher today and sail with assurance tomorrow.

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