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# Introducing the Latest Innovation in Fire Safety

## **9L Fluorine-Free Foam Fire Extinguisher**

A remarkable addition to our esteemed **Flame Fighter III** series, this extinguisher is crafted with precision and environmental stewardship in mind. It features:

– **Eco-Friendly Formula:** A cutting-edge, eco-friendly foam formula housed within a robust stainless steel cylinder, designed for both durability and sustainability.
– **Ease of Use:** Equipped with intuitive, easy-to-follow instructions, sturdy stainless steel handles, and a large, easily readable pressure gauge.
– **Advanced Design:** Comes with a state-of-the-art aspirating type applicator nozzle and nickel-plated head assemblies, enhancing its efficiency and reliability in emergency situations.
– **Versatile Compatibility:** Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing wall and vehicle brackets, making it a straightforward replacement for most 9L foam and water-type fire extinguishers.

### **Sustainability Meets Safety**

Perfect for businesses and homeowners in New Zealand who are committed to eco-friendly practices without compromising on safety. Trust in our **Flame Fighter III** range to provide superior protection while supporting your sustainability goals.

Agent Capacity 9L
Agent Manufacturer Flamefighter
Agent Type Fluorine Free Foam
Approvals AS/NZS 1841.5
Bracket Wall
Cylinder Construction Steel
Cylinder Finish Powder Coated Red
Cylinder Pressure Test 5 Yearly
Dimensions W181 X H586mm
Discharge Time 45
Gross Weight 12.88kg
Cylinder pressure test 2.5MPa

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