Fire Hose Reel 25m – Complete Set, AS/NZS 1221 Certified

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Fire Hose Reel 25m – Complete Set, AS/NZS 1221 Certified

In the realm of fire safety, there’s no space for half measures. This is why our Fire Hose Reel 25m – Complete Set is engineered to meet the most stringent safety and efficiency standards. AS/NZS 1221 certified, this fire hose reel is an essential for any business or individual who prioritizes fire safety in New Zealand.

Quality and Safety Without Compromise

Our Fire Hose Reel is more than just a product, it’s a commitment to safety. It’s a sturdy, dependable, and ready-to-use solution that comes with all the necessary fittings. The 13mm x 25m hose is designed to deliver peak performance when it’s needed the most. And to top it off, our set includes a high-quality nozzle that ensures a consistent and powerful water stream.

AS/NZS 1221 Certified for Your Assurance

In the world of fire safety, trust is crucial. That’s why our Fire Hose Reel is AS/NZS 1221 certified. This certification is a testament to the product’s compliance with rigorous safety standards. It’s not just a badge, it’s a guarantee that you’re investing in a product that’s been thoroughly tested and proven to perform under pressure.

A Complete Set for Comprehensive Protection

Our Fire Hose Reel 25m – Complete Set is exactly that – complete. It comes with the reel, fittings, nameplate, hose, and nozzle. Everything you need to tackle a fire effectively and safely. No need to worry about missing parts or accessories. It’s all there, ready to serve when the need arises.

Designed for Ease of Use and Trust

Fire emergencies demand quick and decisive action. Our Fire Hose Reel is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to respond swiftly and effectively. The reel ensures smooth and rapid hose deployment, while the nozzle is designed for easy handling and control. It’s a product that’s easy to use, and even easier to trust.

So, why wait for a fire emergency to realize the importance of a reliable fire hose reel? Invest in our Fire Hose Reel 25m – Complete Set today and ensure the safety of your premises and the people within. Remember, when it comes to fire safety, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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