Photoelectric Smoke Alarm – Flamefighter 1 Year Model

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Flamefighter Photoelectric Smoke Alarm – Your Year-Long Fire Sentinel

For the protection of your home or business from the menace of fire, the Flamefighter Photoelectric Smoke Alarm stands as your primary shield. This model, designed to last a year, is a vigilant protector, armed with a replaceable 9v battery, primed to warn you at the first hint of danger.

Advanced Photoelectric Technology

Setting itself apart from conventional ionization alarms, this Flamefighter variant employs cutting-edge photoelectric technology. This makes it extraordinarily sensitive to slow, smouldering fires – the type that can smoulder unnoticed for hours before bursting into a full-scale inferno. It’s akin to having a vigilant eye that never rests, ensuring your safety 24/7.

Features That Set It Apart

  • Certified EN14604: This certification assures that the alarm adheres to the strictest European safety standards.
  • Powerful 85 dB alarm signal: When danger looms, this alarm ensures you’ll be alerted, even from afar.
  • Photoelectric sensor: This sensor is specifically engineered to detect slow smouldering fires, providing early warning and more time to respond.
  • Test button: Regular testing is made simple with the user-friendly test button, ensuring your alarm is always primed to protect.
  • Alarm / Power indicator: A swift look at the indicator confirms your alarm is powered and ready to safeguard.
  • Low battery warning: Never be surprised by a low battery. This feature warns you when it’s time for a replacement.
  • Easy installation: With the included mounting bracket, installation is straightforward, no professional assistance required.

Specifications That Impress

  • Power Source: A replaceable 9v battery ensures your alarm is always primed to safeguard.
  • Size: At a mere 90 x 30mm, this compact alarm integrates seamlessly into any space.
  • Plastic Material: Constructed from durable AMS plastic, this alarm is designed to endure.
  • Alarm sound level: With a minimum sound level of 85dB at 3 meters, you’ll hear the alarm when it’s most crucial.

Don’t gamble with your safety. Invest in the Flamefighter Photoelectric Smoke Alarm today and relish the peace of mind knowing you’re safeguarded by one of the best. Remember, in fire safety, every second is crucial. Ensure you’re ready.

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