Portable Smoke Alarm – Flamefighter Photoelectric 10 Year Mini

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Portable Smoke Alarm – Flamefighter Photoelectric 10 Year Mini: Your Essential Safety Partner

Meet the Flamefighter Mini 10YR Smoke Alarm, a compact yet potent device engineered to safeguard you from unforeseen dangers. This portable smoke alarm is more than just a gadget; it’s your dependable ally in creating a safe and secure environment for you and your family.

Superior Sensitivity for Optimal Protection

Armed with advanced photoelectric technology, this smoke alarm exhibits exceptional sensitivity to slow smouldering fires. These are the fires that can smoulder undetected for hours before bursting into hazardous flames. With the Flamefighter Mini, you can sleep soundly knowing that even the faintest hint of danger will trigger an immediate alert.

Small Size, Significant Impact

Don’t underestimate its size. At a mere 67mm, this compact smoke alarm delivers a powerful punch. It’s small enough to fit in any space, yet robust enough to provide extensive fire safety coverage. It’s the ideal combination of convenience and functionality.

Extended Safety Assurance

Featuring a sealed-in 10-year lithium battery, this smoke alarm provides enduring protection. You won’t have to stress about frequent battery replacements or unexpected power failures. It’s a decade of peace of mind in one compact package.

Distinct and Loud Alerts

In the realm of fire safety, every second is crucial. That’s why the Flamefighter Mini is equipped with a loud 85 dB alarm signal. It’s loud enough to rouse you from your deepest slumber, ensuring you have sufficient time to react to any potential danger.

User-Friendly Features for Effortless Use

Beyond its superior fire detection capabilities, this smoke alarm also features a Low Battery Mode and a large HUSH function. These user-friendly features make it simple to maintain and operate, enhancing its overall appeal.

Reliable Quality

The Flamefighter Mini 10YR Smoke Alarm is certified to EN 14604:2005 / AC:2008 standards. This signifies it meets the highest quality and safety standards, giving you the assurance to trust in its performance.

Don’t take chances with safety. Opt for the Flamefighter Mini 10YR Smoke Alarm – your essential safety partner for the next decade. Invest in peace of mind today.

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