Chemical Resistant Gauntlet Glove – GREEN SHIELD, 27cm

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GREEN SHIELD Chemical Resistant Gauntlet Glove – 27cm

In the realm of workplace safety, compromise is not an option. That’s why we’re thrilled to present the GREEN SHIELD Chemical Resistant Gauntlet Glove. This 27cm glove is a revolutionary addition to personal protective equipment (PPE), providing unmatched protection against a broad spectrum of chemicals.

Double-Dipped PVC for Unmatched Protection

The distinguishing feature of the GREEN SHIELD glove is its double-dipped PVC construction. This unique characteristic amplifies the glove’s resistance to oil, grease, and chemicals, ensuring your hands remain protected and clean, regardless of the task at hand. It’s akin to having a personal shield, safeguarding you from potential hazards.

Textured Sand Finish for Superior Grip

However, this glove isn’t just about protection. Its textured sand finish enhances grip, making handling tools and equipment a breeze. It’s as if you have an extra pair of hands, ready to assist you in completing your tasks efficiently and safely.

Comfort and Absorption with Cotton Jersey Lining

Comfort is a crucial aspect of PPE, and the GREEN SHIELD glove doesn’t fall short. Its cotton jersey lining offers a soft, comfortable fit while also providing excellent absorption. It’s akin to wearing a second skin, one that ensures your safety and comfort throughout your workday.

One Size Fits All

With its universal design, the GREEN SHIELD glove is a versatile addition to any safety gear collection. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, this glove is designed to fit you perfectly. It’s like owning a custom-made glove, without the hefty price tag.

So, why delay? Arm yourself with the GREEN SHIELD Chemical Resistant Gauntlet Glove today and witness the difference it can make in your safety and comfort. Remember, when safety is the concern, there’s no such thing as being overly prepared.

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Esko Green Shield double dipped chemical resistant 27cm glove
  • Double dipped PVC for increased resistance to oil, grease and chemicals
  • Textured sand finish for improved grip
  • 27cm length
  • Cotton jersey lined for comfort and absorption
  • One size fits all