Chemical Resistant Gauntlet Glove 45cm – GREEN SHIELD Protection

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GREEN SHIELD Protection: Your Ultimate Defence with Chemical Resistant Gauntlet Glove 45cm

In the realm of workplace safety, there’s no space for half measures. This is why we’ve crafted the GREEN SHIELD Protection Chemical Resistant Gauntlet Glove 45cm – a glove that serves not merely as a barrier, but as a fortress against harmful substances.

Double-Dipped PVC for Unmatched Resistance

Our gloves are not just dipped once, but twice in PVC. This dual-dipping process amplifies the glove’s resistance to oil, grease, and chemicals, making it a trustworthy ally in any hazardous environment. Be it a lab, a factory, or a construction site, these gloves ensure your hands remain safeguarded.

Superior Grip with Sand Finish

Gloves that slip can pose a safety risk. That’s why our chemical resistant gauntlet glove 45cm is designed with a sand finish. This unique texture enhances grip, enabling you to handle tools and materials with assurance and precision. It’s not just about protection, it’s about performance too.

Extended Length for Comprehensive Protection

With a length of 45cm, these gauntlet gloves provide extended coverage, safeguarding not just your hands but also your forearms. This additional length proves particularly beneficial when dealing with splashes or spills of hazardous substances. With these gloves, you’re covered – literally.

Comfort Meets Absorption with Cotton Jersey Lining

Safety need not compromise comfort. Inside these robust gloves, you’ll discover a soft cotton jersey lining. This lining not only ensures a comfortable fit but also aids in absorption, keeping your hands dry even during extended work hours.

One Size Fits All

Concerned about finding the right size? Fear not. Our chemical resistant gauntlet glove 45cm is designed to accommodate all hand sizes. This universal fit ensures that everyone on your team can enjoy the same level of protection and comfort.

So, why settle for less when it comes to safety? With the GREEN SHIELD Protection Chemical Resistant Gauntlet Glove 45cm, you’re not just donning a glove – you’re arming yourself with a shield. Experience the difference today.

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Esko Green Shield double dipped chemical resistant 45cm gauntlet

  • Double dipped PVC for increased resistance to oil, grease and chemicals
  • Sand finish for improved grip
  • 45cm length
  • Cotton jersey lined for comfort and absorption
  • One size fits all