Esko Fishers Glove – Ultimate Safety for Fisheries & Horticulture

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Esko Fishers Glove: Your Essential Safety Partner in Fisheries & Horticulture

In the realm of safety within the fishing and horticulture sectors, the Esko Fishers Glove stands as a dependable ally. This glove, adorned with a unique yellow honeycomb pattern, is more than just a protective accessory. It’s a symbol of Esko’s dedication to quality and safety.

Superior Grip and Longevity

Fabricated from 7-gauge polycotton, the Esko Fishers Glove is engineered to endure the challenges of demanding environments. The PVC lattice grip pattern, present on both sides of the glove, guarantees a secure grip even in damp conditions. This dual-sided pattern also enhances the glove’s lifespan, providing you with exceptional value for your investment.

Universal Fit

The Esko Fishers Glove, with its one-size-fits-all design, is crafted to accommodate everyone. This feature eliminates the hassle of size selection, making it a practical choice for businesses of all scales.

Extensive Applications

Although the Esko Fishers Glove is a perfect fit for the fishing industry, its uses are not limited to this sector. It proves equally efficient in light manufacturing and engineering, general timber handling, and warehousing. It’s also a favoured choice for fruit picking and packhouses, where the glove’s superior grip and durability are highly beneficial.

In addition, the Esko Fishers Glove can serve as an over-glove for extra grip, making it a versatile addition to your collection of safety gear.

Trust Esko for Uncompromised Safety

When safety is your concern, Esko is the brand to rely on. With years of industry experience, Esko comprehends your needs and delivers products that not only meet but surpass your expectations. The Esko Fishers Glove is a reflection of this commitment.

So, why delay? Equip yourself with the Esko Fishers Glove and feel the difference in safety and comfort. Remember, a safe workplace is a productive workplace. Make the wise choice today!

For any inquiries or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at 0800 101 909. We’re here to help you make the right choice for your safety needs.

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