Hi Vis Hard Hat Sun Shield – Orange, Elastic, Ultra-Cool

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Hi Vis Hard Hat Sun Shield – Orange, Elastic, Ultra-Cool

Introducing the Hi Vis Hard Hat Sun Shield, a revolutionary addition to workplace safety. This ultra-cool sun shield, in striking fluoro orange, is more than just a hard hat accessory – it’s a lifesaver. Tailored for the hardworking Kiwi, it’s the ideal companion for construction, outdoor work, agriculture, recreation, and siteworks.

Exceptional Sun Protection

Envision a hard hat that provides ample shade for your neck, even under the intense New Zealand sun. That’s precisely the function of this sun shield. Its elastic band comfortably fits most hard hats, and it’s even compatible with peakless climbing helmets. It’s akin to having your personal shade, accompanying you wherever you go.

Ultra-Cool and Comfortable

Made from Ultra-Cool™ 100% polyester mesh, this sun shield is engineered to keep you cool and comfortable. It’s a refreshing breeze on a hot day. The contrasting trim adds a stylish edge to your safety gear.

High Visibility for Safety

But this sun shield isn’t just about comfort. It’s about safety too. The 16mm wide high-performance reflective band with contrasting trim ensures you’re visible, even in low light conditions. It’s a safety beacon, ensuring you’re seen and safe.

Fluoro Orange for Maximum Impact

And let’s not overlook the colour. The fluoro orange isn’t just eye-catching, it’s a statement. A statement that you prioritize safety. It’s the colour of caution, of visibility, of being seen and staying safe.

So, why settle for a regular hard hat when you can have the Hi Vis Hard Hat Sun Shield? It’s the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and style. It’s the hard hat accessory that doesn’t just protect you from the sun, it makes you stand out. It’s the hard hat accessory that says you’re serious about safety.

So, are you ready to elevate your safety gear? Are you ready to stand out and stay safe? Then it’s time to get the Hi Vis Hard Hat Sun Shield. Because when it comes to safety, you deserve the best.

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