Bulk Buy Ear Plugs – GREEN Vortex Bell, Class 5, 500 Pair

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GREEN Vortex Bell Ear Plugs – Class 5, Bulk Buy of 500 Pairs

Discover the pinnacle of hearing protection with our GREEN Vortex Bell Shaped Earplugs. This Class 5 earplug set is more than just a bulk purchase, it’s a commitment to your safety and tranquillity. With a generous supply of 500 pairs, you’ll be well-stocked for a significant period, whether you’re a business owner outfitting your crew or an individual in need of dependable protection.

Exceptional Design and Comfort

Our earplugs boast a distinctive bell shape, simplifying the process of rolling and inserting. Made from high-visibility green PU foam, they offer comfort and are easy to locate, reducing the chance of misplacement. The fluorescent green hue adds a lively touch, making safety a bit more enjoyable.

Unparalleled Noise Protection

These earplugs provide an impressive SLC80 26dB protection, suitable for noise levels up to 110 dB(A). That’s akin to standing next to a live rock concert or a roaring chainsaw! So, whether you’re in a noisy factory, operating power tools, or attending a sports event, these earplugs will ensure your ears remain protected.

Reliable Quality

When it comes to your safety, we make no concessions. Our earplugs are Class 5 AS/NZS 1270 certified, meeting the highest safety and quality standards in New Zealand. You can rely on them for consistent protection, every time.

Adaptable for Various Uses

From construction sites and equipment operation to mechanical maintenance and wood and metal working, these earplugs are versatile enough to handle it all. They’re also ideal for use at airports, sports events, and even for recreational activities where noise levels can be high.

Practical Packaging

Our bulk ear plugs are conveniently packaged in a 500 pair dispenser refill bag, making storage and access effortless. You’ll always have a pair ready when you need them.

Invest in the GREEN Vortex Bell Shaped Earplugs today and experience the difference of superior noise protection. Remember, safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

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